About Us
Mile Hi Branch 47
Branch 47 has 2 full time officers to serve you.
President:  Alex Aguilar
Vice-President:  Mike Sullivan

Office hours:  7 - 5  M-F    7 - 3:30  S
Many times we are at offices or in meetings so it is
best to call before you head down to the hall.
Formal A's
We also have 2 Full time Formal A representatives
that are here in the building.  They handle all
grievances at the Formal A level for Denver.

Yvette Garcia & Neoma Madrid

Secretary: Mike Doherty
Financial Secretary: Vern Evenson
Treasurer: Yvette Garcia
Trustee: Jeff Frey
Trustee: Evelyn Pisani
Trustee: Greg West
Sgt-at-Arms: Frank Cordova
NALC Health Benefits: Rich Pottenger
Ass't Heath Benefits: Neoma Madrid
MBA: Bryan Sanders
Safety & Health: Shelley Trujillo
Dir. of Retirees: Rich Pottenger
OWCP Rep: Alex Aguilar
EEO Rep: Donny Diaz
Branch 47 Officers
Other Officers
President Alex Aguilar
Mike Sullivan